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Portwest Industrial anti-fatigue mat

  • Declaration of conformity - MT50.pdf
  • Technical data - MT50.pdf


Portwest Safety Mats offer a range of safety solutions for yout working enviroment which have both anti-slip and anti-fatigue properties. Portwest is a global vertical company with over 100 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of protective clothing, safety footwear, specialist gloves and PPE to resellers and distributors at the most competitive prices. Our large team of world-class product designers, specialists in Flame-resistant workwear, high-visibility workwear, protective footwear, hand protection and PPE strives to develop new products to meet the changing needs of workers in all industries.


This diamond-plated hard wearing anti fatigue mat provides extraordinary comfort. Thick PVC sponge allows excellent compression whilst the PVC leather surface ensures that the product will last, even under heavy conditions. All edges have a safety bevel and the diamond-plated finish reduces slip and trip accidents in the workplace. Properties: anti-slip, anti-fatigue, oil and grease resistant, insulation.


You will not find a better way of eliminating slip hazards in yout work place. While the anti-fatigue properties also increase productivity and the long term health of people using them.

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Product Features

  • Material PVC Leather, PVC sponge
  • Manufacturer Portwest
  • Protection Oil resistance, Anti-Slip resistance
  • Galben/Negru
  • PW Safety