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Portwest Rope Fall Arrest Block

  • EN Certification - FP41.pdf
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Fall Protection Range Portwest offer a full range of fall protection products for working at height. Portwest is a global vertical company with over 100 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of protective clothing, safety footwear, specialist gloves and PPE to resellers and distributors at the most competitive prices. Our large team of world-class product designers, specialists in Flame-resistant workwear, high-visibility workwear, protective footwear, hand protection and PPE strives to develop new products to meet the changing needs of workers in all industries.

Certification: EN360, EN364


The fall arrest block comprises of a retractable lifeline made of wire rope which is stored on a reel within a protective housing. The reel is spring-based to wind the retractable lifeline in. The reel incorporates an inertia brake mechanism, which allows the lifeline to be slowly extracted and automatically retracted to accommodate the user's body movements.
Made of Steel Rope
Size: 10m Available colours: Black


Prevents the risks associated with falling from heights, reducing impact force, restricting obstacle/groud collision and restricting users from fall hazard areas.

Product Features

  • Material Steel cable
  • Manufacturer Portwest
  • EN 360 EN 360
  • EN 364 EN 364
  • Negru
  • PW Safety