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Productos Climax is the leading Spanish manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE is defined as any equipment designed to be worn or carried by workers to protect them from one or several hazards that could affect their safety or health at work, as well as any complement or accessory designed for this same purpose. With more than 25 years experience in the sector, we have become a benchmark in the world of Occupational Protection, both nationally and internationally. Climax PPE is designed and developed by our Technical Department and homologated by the laboratories of the official authorities, certifying design and quality as well granting CE CERTIFICATION to our products.

Certified according to: EN 166; EN 175


Climax 545-A goggle have been designed and manufactured to block the radiation emitted during oxyacetylene welding and oxygen cutting processes.

Frame and fastening system: The frame is made up of a front and a fastening system. The front is green and made by injecting PVC resin. It has a slot all the way around the inner perimeter, which the collapsible frame slots into. The collapsible frame is black and made by polyamide injection and consists of two parts , one part is fixed to the front and contains the colourless eyepieces and another collapsible part that shelter the two filtering eyepieces. Lenses: The goggle have 4 lenses, 2 of which are colourless. They are circular, 50 mm in diameter and 3mm thick. The two filtering eyepieces are made of non-actinic glass and are 50 mm in diameter and 2,6mm thick. They are situated in the collapsible part of the frame so they can be raised once the welding work is over, enabling perfect vision through the colourless eyepieces.

Wide range of shades: 4-6

Optical class: 1

Weigth: 0,190 kg.

Product Features

  • Range Safe-Welder
  • Material PVC, Polyamide
  • Manufacturer Climax
  • Protection High speed particles, Ultraviolet Rays
  • EN 166 EN 166
  • EN 175 EN 175
  • Verde
  • Safe-Welder