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Juba 821 Interface PlusGloves

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JUBA® company began manufacturing industrial gloves in 1950. From then until now, the progress of the company in its sector was unstoppable. Evolution of this company was based on providing solutions tailored to specific customer needs, providing necessary attention to quality of its products. Their professionalism generated trade agreements with different factories around the world, producing exclusively for them, a complete range of references, covering a great part of the commercial market. Juba products contain the necessary certifications in this field, Declarations of Conformity and Instructions for use, wich can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the corresponding icon in the product page. 

Certified According to: CE CAT.III;EN 388-2016  4101x; ENISO374-1-2016 AJKLMNOPT; ENISO374-5-2016


Chlorinated for greater chemical resistance, reduces soluble proteins and residual accelerators.

Cotton interior flocking to absorb sweat and provide the user with greater comfort.

Non-slip pattern for optimal grip in wet, dry and oily environments.

Very good resistance to abrasion.

Resistance to solvents.

Suitable for food use

Individual bag for point of sale.

This glove protects against the following chemicals: Methanol (level 2,> 30 minutes), Toluene (level 1,> 10 minutes), n-Heptane (level 6,> 480 minutes), 40% Sodium Hydroxide (level 6,> 480 minutes), Sulfuric acid 96% (level 3,> 60 minutes), Nitric acid 65% (level 2,> 30 minutes), Acetic acid (level 3,> 60 minutes), Ammonium hydroxide 25% (level 6,> 240 minutes), Hydrogen peroxide 65% (level 6,> 480 minutes) and Formaldehyde 37% (level 6,> 480 minutes).

For bacteria and fungi this glove is totally watertight according to EN 374-2: 2014.

Working gloves suitable for:Paint, varnish and universal solvent industry.,Machining of parts.,Petrochemical industry.,Aviation and automotive industry.,Phytosanitary treatments,Chemical industry.,Food industry.,Food processing.
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  • EN 388

Product Features

  • Material Nitrile
  • Protection Antimicrobial, Protection against radioactive contamination, Anti-Slip resistance, Anti-fungic, Chemical, Needle resistant, Abrasion resistance, Penetration resistance, Shock resistant, Wear resistant, Penetration resistance
  • 388 388
  • EN 374 EN 374
  • Verde