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Texport Fire Fox Elk Gloves

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TexPort is a company founded in 1992 by Otmar Schneider who over the years has made the transition from distributor to manufacturer. If in 1996 began production of Gore-Tex material in 2001 was established the factory in Austria, able to offer the public a wide range of equipment for firefighting and industrial work.

The materials used and the design of TexPort products are at the highest level of quality. Studies and tests carried out, give the manufacturer the certainty to launch finished products on the market, guaranteeing the specifications and criteria of the products according to the needs.

Certifications: EN 659:2003 A1:2008 , EN388


The Fire Fox Elk is the top model of the range of gloves for firefighting. TexPort technologies offer the manufacturer maximum protection without rebate on comfort and reliability. The material used is TEXPORT® Triple Fabric® extremely resistant to wear. The outer layer is approved according to EN 388 6.1 Level 3 standard according to which it is extremely resistant to abrasion and according to EN 388 item 6.2 level 4 against breakage. These gloves are also resistant against perforations, EN 388 item 6.4 level 3 and according to EN 388 item 6.1 level 4 against cutting. The inner layer is reinforced with Kevlar, a material extremely resistant against multiple risks. In the part of the mounts and finger joints there are ridate sections that will allow better maneuverability to the user. The palm area is carefully studied using very strong materials but without discounting the sense of touch. For a quick and safe fixation there is an adjustable section in the wrist area.
Available sizes and colors: Black 6-12


These gloves provide the user with special protection in critical situations that may occur in dangerous missions by eliminating the "unpredictable" factor in the equation. Comfort is special and the sense of touch does not suffer at all from the use of thick and extremely resistant materials.PORT® is a company founded in 1992 by Otmar Schneider, which had the idea of developing high tech protective clothing, rugged enough to cope with extreme situations yet dedicated to the principles of absolute functionality and practicality. Gore-Tex material production started in 1996 and in 2001 moving into the new production building in Austria, TexPort became able to offer the customers a large range of firefighters articles and industrial work.

Certification: EN 659:2003 A1 2008


Texport Fire Fox Elk Gloves is the top model of gloves range for firefighters. Texport technologies offers to customers maximum protection and confort. Texport Triple Fabric material is extremely resistant to wear. The superior layer according EN 388 6.1 Lvl 3 resistant to abrasion, EN388 6.2 lvl 4 protection against tearing, against penetration according to EN388 6.4 lvl 3 and protection to cut according to EN388 6.1 lvl 4. The inner layer is ranforced with Kevlar and presents high dexterity. Palm zone is resistant and offers high dexterity.
Made of moose leather, membrane 100% PTFE from Gore-Tex®
Color and size: 6-12 Black


Texport Fire Fox Elk Gloves presents: abrasion resistance, blade cut resistance, tear resistance, puncture resistance, innel lining Kevlar, movement creases at the back and knuckles area and fastened stap for width adjustment.



  • pict 03
  • High Visibility
  • EN 388

Product Features

  • Lining Nomex®, GORE-TEX®
  • Material Leather, Kevlar, Nomex®, GORE-TEX®
  • Manufacturer Texport
  • Protection Cut resistance, Needle resistant, Tear resistance, Abrasion resistance, High Visibility, Penetration resistance, Wear resistant, Wind resistance, Penetration resistance, Anti-scratch
  • Closing System Velcro
  • EN 659 EN 659
  • EN 388 EN 388
  • Negru
  • Gore-Tex
  • Nomex Comfort