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Portwest Proximity Coverall

  • EN Certification - AM20.pdf
  • Declaration of conformity - AM20.pdf
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Providing full body coverage including the head, hands and feet, the Proximity garments provide excellent protection from radiant heat and high temperatures. Due to the high ambient temperatures that the wearer can be subjected to, it is suggested that the Ignis Proximity suits are worn with a breathing apparatus to provide breathing air at normal temperatures. The Proximity garments, certified to EN11612, are used for aircraft rescue, aircraft firefighting and proximity of high temperatures (but not entry into direct flame).

Certification: EN11612 A1, B2, C4, D3, E3


This light and flexible heat resistant coverall is designed to be worn with the AM21 hood and the AM22 overboots. It features a breathing apparatus back pocket, inner and outer front protective flap and Velcro adjustment on the side leg.
Made of IGNIS, metallised aluminium coated 95% Meta-aramid, 5% Para-aramid, 330gm - 1 layer, with a Carbon felt 120gm (1 layers) mid layer and an Aramid Viscose 125gm (1 layer) inner layer.
Available color and size: Silver M-4XL


The mirror-like suface reflects radiant heat away, allowing close flame proximity while reducing the rate of heat absorption that can lead to theirmal fatigue. The integration of additional inner carbon felt linings ensure superior protection and performance in the extreme work environments faced by civilians, emergency service and military personnel. These garments are worn in industries such as aircraft rescue, aircraft firefighting, bulk flammable liquids and similar situations involving high levels of radiant heat. The IGNIS fabric is specifically designed for the manufacture of garments used in close proximity or entry into high intensity fire. Extremely lightweight (at just 330gm) and pliable, the IGNIS outer shell fabric is a metallised aluminium coated meta-para aramid fabric that is constructed from 95% Meta-aramid and blended with 5% Para-Aramid.


Product Features

  • Present pockets Back pocket
  • Lining Carbon, Aramid Viscose
  • Range IGNIS Proximity
  • Material Para-aramid, Meta-aramid
  • Pocket number 1
  • Properties Fireproof
  • Protection Hot metal, Fire resistant, High temperatures resistant, Fireproof, Abrasion resistance
  • EN 11612 EN 11612
  • Silver