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Schuberth Firefighter helmet Schuberth F220

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Shuberth GmbH is a German prestige company which has the objective achieve the most effective helmets for a wide range of industries, such as: Motor sports, police, firefighters, industrial work and other. With a history of over 70 years, the company established in Magdeburg was able to offer users the latest designs and materials, achieving maximum protection and superior comfort.

Certifications: EN 443: 2008


Schuberth helmet F220 is designed for battles against fires. The item is designed to provide users comfort and maximum protection. Helmet weight is 1150 g, placing it in the category of lightweight helmets, allowing a good maneuverability. The helmet provides protection against a wide range of dangers, physical or chemical and electrical. It is made of several materials, allowing a better resistance and superior comfort. The outside is made of duroplast, a material resistant to high temperatures and severe shocks. This part can be equipped with accessories such as flashlights, thermal curtains, additional protections, support for chin, support from ecological leather and other accessories. The inside is made of high temperature resistant polyurethane. This internal components provides user comfort and improves the degree of protection. Besides excellent resistance against high temperatures, the helmet offers protection against low temperatures down to -40 ° C. The three points support allows adjustment so that can be fixed firmly on the head. The grip support can be easily detached to allow the adaptation of a gas mask.


High reputation company known for thequality of its offered products , in several fields that involve high risks. The materials used are carefully chosen to provide superior comfort and very good protection. The accessory helmet allows its adaptation to a wide range of needs.

Colors: Red, Black The helmet is adjustable using internal systems. (53-62 cm)

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Product Features

  • Material Polyurethane, Duroplast
  • Manufacturer Schuberth
  • Properties Fireproof
  • Protection Fire resistant, High temperatures resistant, Low temperatures resistant
  • EN 443 EN 443
  • EN 14458 EN 14458
  • Yellow HI VIS