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Schuberth Helmet Duroplast BOP

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Shuberth GmbH is a German prestige company which has the objective to achieve the most effective helmets for a wide range of industries, such as: Motor sports, police, firefighters, industrial work and other. With a history of over 70 years, the company established in Magdeburg was able to offer users the latest designs and materials, achieving maximum protection and superior comfort.

Certifications: EN 397


This helmet is made from Duroplast, extremely durable material and it is destinated for industrial work. Its design is based on a careful historial observed in industrial work. The simple design hide in depth special features in order to protect and offer comfort. The materials used are resistant to high temperatures, successfully resist to the simple impact and perforation. It is absolutely inert in contact with the chemical. Tests have shown the capability to resist in time without it lose its properties. The helmet is made of two major components. Outside part is destinated to protected and the inside for tight fix and comfort. The inside has 3 different sizes and mounting system that allows adjustment in detail.


Renowned manufacturer in specific areas. Design and modern materials. Maximum protection against a wide range of hazards. Higher comfort.
Color: White, Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Grey, Silver
Sizes: 52-56, 53-61, 59-63

Product Features

  • Material Duroplast
  • Manufacturer Schuberth
  • Protection High temperatures resistant, Penetration resistance, Shock resistant
  • EN 397 EN 397
  • Blue
  • White
  • Galben
  • Portocaliu
  • Rosu