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HAIX Florian Europe Boots

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HAIX makes boots for all people over the world. Our HAIX boots are certified to the highest standards for boots. When you wear HAIX boots, you know that you, will be protected when you need it most. Made from all German or Swiss leather with a GORE-TEX inner liner, "HAIX boots" are waterproof and breathable and provide superior comfort along with superior protection. With a built in Arch Support System, HAIX boots are designed to provide all day comfort, especially when you are on your feet all day. "HAIX boots" are the boots that hold up to the hardest challenges. "HAIX boots" are quality from Germany.

Certification: CE 0197 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI SRC - Typ F2A


Florian Europe HAIX Boots
Upper Material: Waterproof leather, hydrophobic, breathable (5,0 mg/ cm²/h), 2.5–2.7 mm thick.
Inner lining: GORE-TEX® Laminate Technology 4-layer GORE-TEX® laminate, waterproof and breathable. Highly abrasion-resistant lining with fleece midlayer. Optimized- climate comfort for all year seasons and excessive use. Increased chemical protection.
Non-woven insole: Non-woven insole absorbs sweat and moisture
Foot bed: Insole, anatomically formed, exchangeable, washable, very good moisture absorption, dries quickly.
Protective Toe Cap: Anatomically formed and well-padded protective toe cap.
Protective Through sole: Flexible protective through sole.
Sole: Foam/rubber, highly wear-resistant shell sole with a street/terrain tread high temperature strength and good bending comfort. Ladder rung tread with pronounced heel front. Oil and gasoline resistance and non-marking characteristics. Compliant with EN ISO 20345:2011/EN 15090:2012.
HAIX®-Climate-System: Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at the top of the boot leg.
HAIX®-MSL-System: MicroSoftLight: Improved damping, extremely low weight due to the PU foam across the entire sole area, good cold/heat insulation.


Leather thickness 2.5–2.7 mm, waterproof and breathable with GORE-TEX® Laminate Technology, HAIX®-Climate-System, HAIX®-MSL-System, leg height 30 cm, antistatic.
Color: Black
Size: EU 36-47, 48-50

  • EN 15090 EN 15090
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  • Gore-Tex
  • Sun Reflect